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Gazelle 931 Sale

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We currently are offering Gazelle N931XZ for sale. We have purchased several French Army Gazelles, SA341F2's are undergoing major inspections and restoration. 

For import and sales of Gazelles and other helicopters or turbine aircraft contact:

Christopher Bateman
18125 Elbert Rd
Elbert, CO 80106 USA

Produced jointly by Britain (GKN Westland Helicopters) and France (Aerospatiale/Eurocopter) the SA341Gazelle, both military and civil versions, is in service throughout the world. These helicopters are equipped for IFR flight and differ from the civilian version (SA341G) by the installation of a slightly more powerful and longer life engine, the TurboMeca Astazou IIIN2 or IIIC2 engine. Additional safety is found in the optimized tailrotor which provides much more thrust for HP and is much less prone to LTE.

These British Military helicopters have been in continuous service since new and utilized for pilot training (RN and RAF versions). These Gazelle helicopters have been retired from RAF service and were stored in humidity-controlled hangers.

Our French Army Gazelles lived their life in DAX and have been preserved and in temperature and humidity-controlled hangers until we picked them up.

Rotor Leasing is pleased to offer these ex-military Gazelle helicopters to the US public under Experimental Category (Title 14 CFR part 21).

See SA341 Gazelle helicopter details for performance specifications and history.

See IFR panel for a sample panel layout.

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